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If you have been injured and are having trouble recovering, or feel like the road between this moment and you feeling like yourself again is long and daunting, then we can help pave that path to recovery at Advanced Health Clinic. We help our patients rehab from auto accident injuries, personal injuries, and more. We serve Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas. 

What Happens At Physiotherapy and Rehab? 

If you have had an auto accident injury, a personal injury, or if you need sports injury treatment we will first assess your injury and general health. Then we will come up with a treatment plan that will likely include chiropractic adjustment, ultrasound therapy, mechanical traction, heat and ice therapy, cold laser therapy, acupuncture, and more. Your treatment plan will depend on your injury, your personal goals, and will be unique for you. 

Why Is It So Important to Have Rehabilitation After an Injury or Accident?

Your body is like a self-healing machine. This means that even if you are not ready or perfectly aligned after an injury, it will still start to heal anyway and in most cases will heal regardless of the alignment or if the bones and ligaments are set correctly. This is why when someone breaks a bone, it must be set in order for the body to heal itself correctly. In the event you are not doing the correct things while your body heals, you may find that your ligaments heal too short in relation to where they need to be, and your body heals into a different shape than the one it had before the injury.

When you attend physiotherapy and rehabilitation, we will make sure that as your body does its job on the inside, all of that new growth and healing is happening correctly from the outside so you can regain your full potential. If you have heard people talk about never being the same after an injury, it typically means that they did not heal correctly. We will make sure your bones and muscles gain strength as they heal so you can fully put this injury in your past.  We use many techniques for diagnoses and treatment including massage therapy, chiropractic massage, ultrasound therapy, mechanical traction, heat therapy, ice therapy, cold laser therapy, and more. 

Contact Us to Set Up Your Recovery Appointment or To Learn More about Our Services 

Call us at Advanced Health Clinic to set up your appointment with our skilled chiropractor and rehabilitation specialist. We serve Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas. If you have an injury and want to heal to your full potential, don't wait. Call today. 361-991-0460.

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