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What to do after an accident

What should I do after my accident?

Make sure to schedule an appointment at Advanced Health Clinic following your auto accident. Waiting to see a Corpus Christi chiropractor after a car wreck can be very detrimental to your health. Waiting to seek care could be a reason the insurance company does not want to pay you for your injury, they might not think you were injured if you wait to seek chiropractic treatment after your auto accident. Automobile accident injuries can take a while to develop; you may not hurt for days or even weeks after the accident. Advanced Health Clinic will be able to conduct a thorough exam and decide on a course of treatment that will allow you to heal properly from your injuries.

My car did not suffer much damage

Just because your car didn't suffer much damage does not mean that your body didn't. Low impact collisions can still cause serious injuries. Low impact rarely equals no injury. Some insurance companies want accident victims to believe that low impact collisions do not equal injury, but this is not the case.

Facts about low impact auto accidents:

• Some injuries take a while - days, weeks, even months to appear
• The At-fault auto insurance is responsible for paying medical bills
• You DON'T need health insurance to receive care
• Even minor injuries could cause permanent damage and arthritis
• It is possible to sustain serious injuries from an auto accident with little or NO car damage

You may be able to receive Chiropractic care at no up-front cost to you after your Auto Accident

The state of Texas has Personal Injury Protection. PIP is not required, but every auto insurance holder has PIP unless they opted out in writing. You could receive chiropractic treatment for your auto accident related injuries at no or little cost to you, even if the accident was your fault. The benefits will cover you and any passengers in your vehicle specific to your policy.

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